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Based on our philosophy-driven management (sharing the same management philosophy and values), we are committed to fulfilling our mission and responsibilities in society and nurturing human resources that can contribute to it.

Quality and Environmental Certifications Obtained

ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) have been obtained for the entire company and all the plants, respectively.

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Quality and environmental policies

We are wholeheartedly committed to protecting resources, and to providing products and services worthy of customer trust and satisfaction.

  • Our organization manufactures and sells primary alloy ingots, aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum master alloy ingots, aluminum granules, aluminum deoxidation pellets for making steel, aluminum alloy ingots for rolled materials, and by-products for making steel. It also sells scrap metal.
  • As a general aluminum recycling manufacturer, our company plays a role in the resource recycling-based society, and contributes to the global environment and local communities.
  • In all our activities, we establish environmental objectives and environmental goals based on evaluation of the environmental impact, and establish frameworks for conducting regular reviews.
  • We comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements agreed to by our organization.
  • We establish and operate environmental management systems to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, and continuously strive to make improvements and prevent pollution.
  • This policy is implemented and maintained through business activities, communicated to everyone working in or for our organization, and disclosed to the public.

Regional Activities and Donation Association

As part of our donation association activities, we have established a system to purchase empty cans from members and local organizations and donate an equivalent amount of money to disaster-affected areas.
In addition, we participate in and co-sponsor local events and cleaning activities.

  • Regional Activities
  • Donation Association

Commitment to Safety

Commitment to Safety

We are working to improve safety awareness through our Hiyari-Hatto (near miss) and KY (hazard prediction) activities, and to improve the environment through safety patrols and our health and safety committee.

Improvement Proposals and QC Activities

Improvement Proposals and QC Activities

We award commendations for outstanding efforts by incorporating improvement suggestions from our members and improvement activities (TQC) from our workplace groups.

Improvement of Compliance and Governance

Based on the Charter of Compliance Actions, our company conducts regular internal audits, has established consultation offices, and conducts educational programs.

Charter of compliance actions

  • We contribute to a customer-oriented society through our aluminum recycling business.
  • We are committed to healthy, fair, transparent, and free competition.
  • We disclose corporate information to shareholders and society widely in a proactive and fair manner.
  • We voluntarily and proactively strive to help conserve the environment.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we proactively conduct social contribution activities.
  • We ensure safe and comfortable workplace environments and respect the personalities and individuality of our members.
  • We help maintain the order and safety of civil society.
  • Outside Japan, we respect the local cultures and customs, and contribute to local development.
  • Our top management acknowledge their own roles toward achieving the spirit of this Charter, and develop and maintain in-house systems to thoroughly ensure adherence to corporate ethics within the company.

In the event of any deviation from the Charter, the top management themselves will endeavor to investigate the cause and prevent a recurrence, clarify their own and other people's authority and responsibilities, and take strict action, including toward themselves.

Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development

Separate in-house workshops are held for each career path. In addition, we support members' motivation and learning by supporting them with the cost of seminars and distance learning they want to take.